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VIS has changed the methods of packaging in Greece.

A wide range of modern standards in packaging has been designed and spread by our people in the 80 years of continuous presence in the industry, creating a vast database and the necessary knowledge for our customers' demanding requirements.

Carton Boxes

Cartons, 3-layer, and 5-layer upon requested quality and dimensions to meet the specifications and requirements of each customer's need for packaging, transportation, and advertising of products.

Carton Trays

They are used for safe transportation and grouping dairy, soft drinks, juices, and others and facilitate the direct placement on the shelf. They ensure suitable conditions for maintenance, ventilation, and promotion.

Bag in Boxes

They are ideal for oil, wine, and other alcoholic beverages transportation and maintenance. Bag in Boxes produced in various sizes (5l, 10l, and 20l) with general or custom prints that aim to meet each client's needs.

Retail & Shelf Ready

Special structures that cover every requirement for presentation and placement of products on the shelf, easy open (perforated, tear-tape) while addressing the need for transportation and display of the product.

Agricultural Products Packing

Suitable for packaging, transportation, and storage of food and agricultural products (vegetables, fresh fruit, etc.). They get manufactured in various types and dimensions. A wide range of finished molds and general printings is available. The most important advantage of this packing type is the ideal stacking and ensuring optimal maintenance and ventilation conditions.

Cardboard Sheets

Cardboard sheets printed or unprinted for special constructions, stands, palette sheets - partitions, bottoms or walls in palette box constructions.

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