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Retail & Shelf Ready

They cover every requirement for presentation and placement of products on the shelf, easy-open (perforated, tear-tape) while addressing the need for transportation and display of the product.

  • Production Capacity: E, Β, C, EB, and BC flute.

  • Quality - Appearance: Kraft, Composite, Recycled - Brown, White, White Glossy (Coated).

  • Printing: Up to 4 colors plus use of varnish.

Tear Tape

Tear tape is an easy solution for opening the package without additional tools such as scissors or knives. It also provides an accurate guide to cut the carton straight to the desired point.

VIS Tear Tape
VIS Tear Tape
VIS Tear Tape

Reinforcement Tape

It is a reinforcement over the handles of the boxes to achieve better resistance to handling and transportation.

VIS Reinforcement Tape
VIS Reinforcement Tape
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