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VIS, the Greek Packaging

VIS SA is the oldest company in the broader field of the packaging industry in Greece, operating since 1936. We provide integrated supply services for packaging in our modern premises in the industrial area of Volos.

Η Εταιρεία


VIS SA is the oldest Greek carton board industry.

Known for the quality of its products, it has been operating continuously since 1936 in the Design, Manufacture, and Marketing of Packaging Materials sector. Its activity field is Paper Packaging with two subcategories:
Production of corrugated board and production of carton and other paper packaging end products. 

Specifically, the products that VIS designs, produces, and trades are:

  • Corrugated cardboard in different fluting (E, B, C, EB, BC).

  • Carton boxes and Carton trays for industrial and agricultural products of all kinds.

  • Promotional Displays and cardboard stands of all types.


As a member company of J. Filippou Group, VIS works with high-quality standards and expertise owning factory premises of 49,000 sqm at Industrial Area of Volos with an annual production capacity of 33.000 tons of cardboard and cartons.
Important industrial customers of VIS are local and multinational companies representing a wide range of Greek industries such as FAGE, NESTLE, MORNOS, COCA-COLA 3E, ATHENIAN BREWERY, EVGA, KANAKI, ELBISCO, etc.

VIS Presentation
VIS Presentation


True to our vision, we continue to provide quality products and services and aim to meet the increasingly demanding needs of our customers.
We aim at competitiveness in Greece and abroad, operating by regulations and standards that govern the most innovative companies in our field.

True to our principles, we continue to invest in developing honest relationships of trust and cooperation with our customers.



The primary goal of our company is to satisfy the needs and specific characteristics of each package a customer may request to achieve:

  • Better and cheaper bundling of products packaged.

  • Safer transportation of the products.

  • Effective presentation and advertising using carefully crafted printing.

  • The proposing of the best overall "service package" to customers providing the best possible satisfaction, not only concerning the product (quality, technical specifications, reliability, productivity in the machines, etc.) but also concerning the supplier (reliability, technological capacity, technical cooperation, the existence of R & D, after-sales service, stable pricing, reliability and continuity in the delivery, capability to cover unforeseen peaks in demand, etc.).

  • Recognition and coverage of customers' new increased requirements providing innovative new products for old and new markets, up-to-date scientific staff, and technical/technological superiority over the competition.

  • Economic efficiency and mutual benefit for the company and its customers.


Provided that we meet all the above objectives, our customers are offered integrated packaging service supply in the most economical possible plan for the maximum desired quality.

VIS Objectives
VIS Objectives
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